Stephanie - Lead Vocals


Stephanie's background includes musical theatre and gospel, and many years of singing rock music in local San Diego area bands. Her major influences include Heart, Led Zeppelin, and Etta James, among others.

Stephanie's dynamic stage presence and powerful and soulful style provide the perfect voice for Echophonic's classic rock and blues songs.

Anders - Acoustic and electric guitars, backup vocals, lead vocals


Anders has played guitar in original and cover bands around San Diego for 20 years. He released an original music CD (available on CDBaby and iTunes) with his band SixMileCross (with Sam) and opened for the Pat Travers band with his band Medicine Hat (with Stephanie).

Sam - Electric guitar


Sam is an accomplished lead and rhythm guitarist who adds tasty leads to Echophonic's songs.

He claims to have shown Stevie Ray Vaughan a few things back in the day.

Keith - Bass guitar, backup vocals, lead vocals


Keith has played music around San Diego for many years in various bands. He is a gifted bassist, vocalist, and piano player.

The rhythm section partnership he forms with the drums provides the solid foundation for Echophonic's sound.

Brian - Drums


Brian is an industry professional drummer and vocalist bringing rock, funk, and blues styles to the Echophonic band. He knows how to lay down solid grooves with his unique edge - always entertaining!

Dennis - Drums


Dennis is San Diego North County industry professional drummer playing and also teaching all styles, making him a great option for Echophonic.